Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pasley Islands

Pasley Islands is a little group of islands located just west of Bowen Island, a short ferry crossing from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver.

One paddler in our group came with his Feathercraft K-Light on the back of his motorcycle.
Folding kayaks are so versatile!

On the ferry sailing towards Bowen Island.  About a 20 minute crossing.

At the put-in beach assembling our Innova Solar kayaks.

The two Solars ready to go.

The K-Light and two hardshells are almost ready.
I must admit, it took the same time to assemble that K-Light as it took to inflate my Solar.  There a lot air going into an inflatable.

On the water.  It was grey and spitting rain that day.  
Still better than a sunny day at the office though!

Easy and lazy paddling.

As we approached one of the Pasley islands it became very clam with just a bit rain.
Interesting too see how developed this place is, even if there's no real ferry service from the mainland.

One of the many little island surrounding the Pasleys.

This bold eagle didn't move at all as we paddled close to it.

An interesting house.

We had lunch on a cute little island with a nice sand bar emerging at low tide (no picture unfortunately).

 Our route.

Easter Weekend on Alouette Lake, BC

As winters go, this year cold and rainy season stayed with us until the bitter end.  So much so, that until the day before our three day paddle on Alouette lake the rain, cold and the odd snow flake were lingering in the air.
Then, lucky us, suddenly on the clouds disappeared.

Here's my brand new Innova Solar inflatable I purchased just a couple of weeks earlier from the Boatpeople in California.  It's the Czech Republic's manufacturer's new model.  This, compared to the now out of production Sunny, is a true double and a true single.  I will find out.
The Solar has lots of room for all my camping gear and keep a low profile without the need to store bags vertical.  This configuration will help paddling in a headwind and still keep the kayak's CG low for stability.

In the mean time Steven showed up with his trusty Sunny and related gear.

A little while later Chris, Ted and Jamie appeared and got to work assembling their folders.  For Ted it took some tweaking to get everything to fit in place.

A view from above - all set to go on Alouette's frigid waters.

As we head out, Steven and I take a little detour to the lake's opposite shore to take a look at the many tree stumps leftover from when the lake had a lower level.  An hydroelectric dam was built many years ago and these semi-submerged trees are the result.

More stumps. Interesting how well preserved they are in this cold lake water.  They will probably remain like this for at least fifty years of more.

At a little beach for lunch.

Our two kayaks side-by-side.

Nice lake, eh?

We are getting closer to our destination.

Our campground was located at the northwest end of the lake between the narrows and that little creek coming down the valley.  The creek was a good water supply spot.  Instead of using my old lever operated water filter, I bought a gravity filter from MEC - what a difference!  Fresh water was at my fingertips.

Kayakers arriving to their destination for a two-night stay.

Kayaks at rest

Looking back at Alouette Lake.  The promise for a cold night... and it was.

Chopping wood for the campfire.

Another good view of the lake.

Two days later paddler returning to our put-in location.
It doesn't look so in the picture but we had a strong wind at our backs help push our boats.
It was a fun ride.

Almost home.
This was one nice first trip of the season.