Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alouette Lake - Easter Weekend 2011

It was just a perfect day to paddle Alouette Lake.  Ted and I decided to join Steven and Jim who were camping on the lake this Easter weekend.  This would be my first real paddle with the new Feathercraft Java.  I wouldn't be disappointed.

The red marking indicates Alouette Lake in relation to Vancouver. Just about an hour drive from town.
Assembling the Java went quite smoothly.  It's easier and faster than putting my old Wisper ogether.  It ought to be, being a sit-on-top kayak with an rudimentary frame without ribs.  Assembly pictures can be seen on an earlier blog.

We put-in at the boat launch site located at the lake's south end.

After setting up we padded north pushed by a pleasant southerly of about 5 knots.

 Ted had his FC Wisper XP.  What a slick kayak that is!
Then about one third of the way up the lake, the wind died completely.  These idyllic conditions remained for the rest of the day!

Another view of the glassy calm water lake surrounded by white capped mountains.

After a 10km paddle in one and half hours we were met by Steven on his Sunny
Their camping spot was just a few paddle strokes away.

Our Feathercrafts, and their crew, are now resting. This was a good landing spot, with a few flat tent pads up from the beach.

From the beach we walked across a "log bridge" to see what was on the other side...

...and there it was: a lush mossy forest.

Walking back on the bridge.  Watch your step!

Our kayaks look like they are ready to take us back.

The Java and Wisper side-by-side.
Notice Ted's new Greenland paddle.

Again, heavenly conditions. 
On the back deck I'm carrying the Safari waterproof backpack.

No words needed.

By the way I'm dressed it might seem the air was cold.  It actually felt quite warm under the spring sun.

Another cool shot.

Since we made good time paddling back from the campground, we took Steven's suggestion to explore Gold Creek.  It's a short half km paddle to the watefalls.
The creek's entrance can be seen right above my paddle blade.

We are now in shallow water approaching the creek's entrance.

After a short distance we reached the end of calm waters.

It was fun getting pushed back the creek's current.

On the way out.  Cristal clear water.  It would be fun to practice skinny dipping here in the summer.
After leaving Gold Creek we paddled about another 4km back to the start.
Alouette Lake is an excellent paddle destination early and late in the season.  Apparently during the summer the lake is overrun by powerboats filled with beer drinking youth... a place to avoid.
A good start to this year's paddling season!