Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pasley Islands

Pasley Islands is a little group of islands located just west of Bowen Island, a short ferry crossing from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver.

One paddler in our group came with his Feathercraft K-Light on the back of his motorcycle.
Folding kayaks are so versatile!

On the ferry sailing towards Bowen Island.  About a 20 minute crossing.

At the put-in beach assembling our Innova Solar kayaks.

The two Solars ready to go.

The K-Light and two hardshells are almost ready.
I must admit, it took the same time to assemble that K-Light as it took to inflate my Solar.  There a lot air going into an inflatable.

On the water.  It was grey and spitting rain that day.  
Still better than a sunny day at the office though!

Easy and lazy paddling.

As we approached one of the Pasley islands it became very clam with just a bit rain.
Interesting too see how developed this place is, even if there's no real ferry service from the mainland.

One of the many little island surrounding the Pasleys.

This bold eagle didn't move at all as we paddled close to it.

An interesting house.

We had lunch on a cute little island with a nice sand bar emerging at low tide (no picture unfortunately).

 Our route.

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